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Make your home comfortable, safe, and efficient with our security systems, home automation, and more […]

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Ensure the safety of your business and employees with our top rated security and alarm systems […]

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Electrical Services

You can rely on our electricians for top quality residential and commercial electrical service […]

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Pensacola Electricians Specializing in Wiring & Security Systems for Northwest Florida

Established in 2002, we at DeGraaf Systems have provided top-quality electrical wiring services and home automation systems to residents and businesses in and around Pensacola for over a decade now. For your electrical work, you can’t find a better Pensacola electrician than the experts at DeGraaf Systems. From electrical wiring for commercial new construction projects to installing security systems, fiber optic cabling, and the latest in home automation, our team of experienced electrical contractors have the skills, equipment and professionalism to ensure your service request is completed with the highest quality results.

We offer a wide variety of electrical services to get your home or business running like a dream and to keep it running that way for many years to come. To name one service, we provide top-quality lighting work. Whether you need interior or landscape lighting installed, you can rely on our top-notch team to provide it for you.

You can also rely on us to provide harder-to-find services such as electrical wiring and knob-and-tube-wiring replacement. We understand that these kinds of electrical setups are outdated, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have access to experts who can service them for you. If you are in the market to have your non-mainstream electrical components replaced, then call the experts at DeGraaf Systems today!

And to keep your electrical work running like brand new, we offer routine inspections to help stave off any potential problems. But should a problem arise (as problems inevitably do), then you can rely on the DeGraaf Systems team to get your electrical setup working like new again with a thorough and high-quality repair!

We also offer services such as home automation and audio/video work to make your home or business the most comfortable one around. We at DeGraaf Systems can help bring your home RIGHT into the twenty-first century in terms of style, comfort, and user friendliness. If you are a resident of Pensacola or one of the surrounding areas who’s in the market for any home automation products, then just give DeGraaf Systems a call today, and we’ll get your home fixed up with the best systems around! And to make it the SAFEST one around, we also offer a variety of surveillance products.

If a comfortable, safe home or business with a top-notch electrical setup is what you’re after, then we here at DeGraaf Systems are just the ones to call. With our many years of experience and wide variety of services, we can promise to provide you with the best home or business possible!

Home Alarm Systems

home security systems pensacola fl

Your home is your castle, and a castle should impress everyone, including you. If you find that your castle lacks some of the bells and whistles that a proper castle should have to REALLY impress, then give us a call at DeGraaf Systems.

What can we do to get your home looking and functioning like a dream? For one thing, we can outfit your home with a Z-Wave home control system. Z-Wave is one of the top names in home automation today. Offering hundreds of great products -- everything from smart lighting to voice control -- Z-Wave can rocket your home into the future. If you want to make your home life as streamlined and as impressive as possible, then call up DeGraaf Systems to have Z-Wave products installed in your home today!

But if you’re a little less flashy than that, you can still rely on DeGraaf Systems to get your home functioning great with a top-quality surveillance service. We can install the two kinds of video surveillance setups: hardwired and IP. While hardwired might be the cheaper of the two, IP offers more control, more flexibility, and better picture quality than hardwired does.

Still, hardwired security systems are a solid type of surveillance system, and for young homeowners who are just starting out, a hardwired home alarm system will be just the thing to help prevent break-ins without breaking the bank. And should you later decide that perhaps an IP system would be better for you, then you can rely on DeGraaf Systems to provide you with a retrofitting from hardwired to IP.

Your home is your castle, and it should be treated as such. And with professional home automation and security systems provided by DeGraaf Systems, that’s exactly how it will be treated and how it will treat you. If you are in the market for these services or some of the many other great residential systems and electrical services from DeGraaf Systems, then just call our electricians in Pensacola today and schedule an appointment!

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Commercial Security Systems

commercial security systems pensacola fl

Your business is your livelihood. Should anything bad affect your business, that would affect every other facet of your life: your finances, your home, your well-being, EVERYTHING. These dangers are fire, smoke, and gas. Should one of those issues put the jump on your business, then you’ll want to know about them with enough time to get away to safety. With a fire, smoke, or gas alarm, you can know just as soon as a potential disaster strikes so that you can get away to safety without ever being close to the danger!

Many different kinds of things can strike your business -- things such as fires, gas leaks, burglaries, and the like. All of them can put your business on hold, meaning your cash flow will be put on hold until you can sort out the mess these problems left.

To avoid having to put your business and life on hold because of a problems, just call up Pensacola’s commercial security system and protection experts at DeGraaf Systems. We can keep your business and your livelihood safe with some of our top-quality commercial security systems and alarm systems that will warn you of any impending problem.

One of the commercial alarm setups we install and test are fire alarms. Fires are one of the most common and most destructive things that can affect your business. Not only can they damage your office and supplies, but they can also KILL if you don’t get sufficient warning against them. Don’t keep yourself or your employees in danger. Get a fire alarm that will warn you if there’s a fire in the area WELL before that fire ever has a chance to reach and harm you or any of your employees.

Fire itself is not the only deadly component of a fire. Smoke is also incredibly dangerous when a fire breaks out. If there’s smoke, there’s fire, so you’ll want to know the second that smoke is present. If you wait to smell or see smoke, it might be too late. But with a smoke alarm system provided by DeGraaf Systems, it’ll never be too late! You’ll always have plenty of warning before smoke and the accompanying fire have a chance to get to you if you have a top-quality smoke detection system!

Your business is important to your life, but your business doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t have a life for it to benefit. Don’t protect just your business; protect yourself and your employees. Get an alarm system that will alert you of many different kinds of problems. We here at DeGraaf Systems offer the two aforementioned systems and many others to keep you and your business safe and sound! From annual testing and inspection of fire alarms and sprinkler systems to installing access control systems, security cameras, and more, our team of Pensacola electricians have the security needs of your business covered. We even provide cabling, networking and phone system isntallation services, as we are local electrical wiring experts for the Pensacola area.

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Electrical Services

electrical services pensacola fl

At DeGraaf Systems, we offer a wide variety of services to get and keep your electrical setup working like brand new for many years to come. We can replace old wiring that is keeping your home or business from functioning efficiently. We can install new lights -- including landscape and security lights -- and we can also install a home generator so that you can have power even during a blackout. And to be sure that all of these services continue to work great for many years, we also offer routine electrical inspections!

Electricity is the lifeblood that keeps your home and business functioning. Without electricity, there are no lights, no fans, no computers, no anything. Just a hot, dark box devoid of any way of communicating with the outside world.

To get the most out of your home or business, you need to have top-quality electrical work provided by an experienced expert. And we at DeGraaf Systems are just the experts for the job, as we offer a wide variety of electrical services to ensure that you can get the most out of your business and home!

Among these services, we offer lighting work. Your home or business won’t be very enjoyable to spend time in if you can’t see anything within it. For that, you’d need top-quality lighting work! Whether you want to illuminate the inside of your home or business or the outside, you can rely on the electrical experts at DeGraaf Systems to give you just what you’re looking for to brighten up your living or work space.

We also offer panel upgrades. Over time, a panel upgrade might become necessary as your old panel becomes worn and outdated. You might also, over time, begin to put more and more demands on your electric panel than it’s able to provide. Should this happen, you might begin to experience frequent surges, leading to flipped breakers. Worst-case scenario, you might even put yourself at risk of a fire!

Before you let your electric panel get too worn or overworked, just call the experts at DeGraaf Systems. We can upgrade your panel to comply with the latest codes, and best of all, an upgraded panel won’t pose the fire risks that an old one would.

We also offer a wide variety of other great electrical services to keep your home or business running like a dream for many years to come. As the two exemplified services mentioned above should illustrate, we are able to get your home or business not just looking great but FUNCTIONING great. Electricity is vital for getting the most out of your place, and DeGraaf Systems is vital for getting the most out of your electricity.

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Why Choose Us?

Why choose DeGraaf Systems? A bunch of reasons: experience, quality, dedication to excellent service. You should choose us if you want your property to look great, function great, and keep you and everyone in it safe. You should choose us because, for over a decade, we’ve provided Pensacola and the surrounding areas of Northwest Florida with top-quality electric and home automation work.

If you are a business owner, you can benefit from conducting business with the expert Pensacola electricians at DeGraaf Systems. We provide a wide variety of services to keep your business as safe as it can be. Our fire, smoke, and gas alarm systems will ensure that, should disaster loom, you’ll know as soon as possible, helping you to get yourself and your customers and employees far away from the threat before it can reach you or them.

We also provide top-quality electrical work to keep your home or business running like a dream. We can replace your old aluminum wiring and knob and tube wiring, two services which are hard to find experts to handle. And we can upgrade your electrical panel to get your home or business running as safely and efficiently as it possibly can.

If you live or operate a business in or around Pensacola, then you need to make DeGraaf Systems your first and last stop for all of your electrical and home automation needs. With our ten-plus years of experience, our Pensacola electrical contractors have the skills and expertise to make your home or business the safest, most efficient, and most beautiful one it can be.

Don’t wait to have the home or business of your dream. Call DeGraaf Systems, and get it today!

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