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Pensacola Electricians Specializing In Wiring & Security Systems For Northwest Florida

DeGraaf System - Residential Systems

Residential Systems

What can we do to get your home looking and functioning like a dream? For one thing, we can outfit your home with a Z-Wave home control system. Offering hundreds of great products -- everything from smart lighting to voice control -- Z-Wave can rocket your home into the future!

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DeGraaf System - Commercial Systems

Commercial Systems

Many different issues can strike your business: fires, gas leaks, and burglaries. All of them can put your business on hold, meaning your cash flow will be put on hold until you can sort out the mess these problems can cause.

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DeGraaf System - Residential Systems

Electrical Services

Electricity is the lifeblood that keeps your home and business functioning. Without electricity, there are no lights, no fans, no computers, no anything. Just a hot, dark box devoid of any way of communicating with the outside world.

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Why Choose Us?

You should choose us if you want your property to look great, function great, and keep you and everyone in it safe. You should choose us because, for over a decade, we’ve provided Pensacola and the surrounding areas with top-quality electric and home automation work.
We provide a wide variety of services to keep your business as safe as it can be. Our fire, smoke, and gas alarm systems will ensure that, should disaster loom, you’ll know as soon as possible, helping you to get yourself and your customers and employees far away from the treat before it can reach you or them.
We can also keep your home or business running like a dream. We can replace your old aluminum wiring and knob and tube wiring, two services which are hard to find experts to handle. And we can upgrade your electrical panel to get your home or business running as safely and efficiently as it possibly can.
If you live or operate a business in or around Pensacola, then you need to make DeGraaf Systems your first and last stop for all of your electrical and home automation needs. With our ten-plus years of experience, we have the skills and expertise to make your home or business the safest, most efficient, and most beautiful one it can be!

All employees at DeGraaf Systems are background checked!