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Commercial Security Systems & More for Pensacola Businesses

If you’re a business owner, then safety should be one of your first priorities. And the best way to ensure the safety of your business is to have a quality alarm system put in to warn you against any kind of danger that might strike. With a fire, smoke, or gas alarm, you can know just as soon as a potential disaster occurs so that you can get away to safety without ever being close to the danger!

We offer a wide variety of commercial security systems and alarms to keep your business safe from anything: prowlers, fires, gas leaks, and so forth. Your business is what you use to live and feed yourself. Don’t leave it open for disasters. Just call the Pensacola electricians and security specialists at DeGraaf Systems, and you can enjoy the safest business possible!

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Commercial Security Systems & Alarms

You’re in business to make money, and criminals are in business to take money: your money. Don’t let the hard-earned fruits of your labor get taken by a burglar; just get a security system. With a burglar alarm system, you can alert yourself to the presence of any thieving characters, and with a panic button, you can alert the police to come to your location ASAP. Then, with security monitoring, you can always have someone watching over your business, ready to respond when your alarm goes off.

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Life Safety & Fire Alarms

Burglars aren’t the only threat to your business. Natural disasters are, too: fires, gas, etc. And unlike criminals, these disasters don’t pose a threat to your bank account; they pose a threat to your LIFE. It’s important to protect your money, but if you’re not around to enjoy it, what’s the point? To keep yourself protected against disasters, get a life safety system. We at DeGraaf Systems can outfit your business with a fire, smoke, gas, and mass crises detection system to help keep you one step ahead of any disaster.

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Alarm Testing & Inspection

If you’re lucky, you won’t ever have to know how well your life safety system is working. If you’re unlucky, it won’t be working well and you won’t know that until it’s too late. To be sure that you always know how well your life safety system is working without actually HAVING to use it, just call DeGraaf Systems for thorough routine inspections on all of your alarm and safety systems.

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Security Camera Systems

You won’t be present at your place of business 24 hours a day. That means that there are blocks of time when prowlers, burglars, and vandals can have free run of your business. Should anyone take advantage of your absence, you would benefit from a security camera system. Such a system will capture footage of foul play, providing you with a means of catching the problem-makers and evidence to prosecute them. If you are in the market for a hardwired camera, IP camera, or a retrofitting from one system to the other, you can rely on DeGraaf Systems to provide you with the best camera to keep your business secure at all times!

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Access Control

America may be the Land of the Free, but that freedom shouldn’t extend to your business. At least not to the access people can have to your business. To give your business the best in access control, call DeGraaf Systems. We’ll outfit it with locks, elevator control, and gate access service to keep the most valuable property in your life safe and secure from the general public.

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Other Systems

Your business shouldn’t be only safe. It should also be efficient. After all, “time is money,” as they say; and to make the best use of your business’s time, just call DeGraaf Systems. We’ll streamline your business’s day-to-day operations with a paging system, network infrastructure, phone system, and fiber optic cabling to make it all work as fast as possible. We can even outfit your business with a music system to give your staff and your customers something to listen to while they go about their business.

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For commercial security systems and more in Pensacola or the surrounding areas of Northwest Florida, please call DeGraaf Systems, Inc. at 850-995-1646 or complete our online request form.

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