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How To Save Money With LED Lighting For Pace Homeowners

LED Lighting Pace FL If you've been roaming around your house trying to find which energy hog appliances you should replace, consider the lighting. With so many older homes in the Pace, FL area, the outdated lighting is a definitely an energy hog to consider.

As technology advances to improve energy-efficiency, the standards of modern lighting efficiency increase too. In 2007, The department of Energy required lightbulbs to be produced with around 25% more efficiency.

As an experienced Pace electrician, DeGraff Systems specializes in helping customer to increase the energy-efficiency of their homes. If you'd like to save some money on your energy bills in Pace, here's how LED lighting can help you reach your goals.

Using New Incandescent Lightbulbs in Incandescent Fixtures

You can increase the energy-efficiency of your Pace home just by using modern incandescent lightbulbs in your standard incandescent light fixtures. Remember, we mentioned the energy-efficient standards changed, so replace any old indoor or outdoor lightbulbs you've been using.

Using LED Lightbulbs in Incandescent Fixtures

You can increase the energy-efficiency of your Pace home even further by using LED lightbulbs in your standard incandescent fixtures. You'll need to purchase LED lightbulbs which are compatible with standard incandescent fixtures. While this option does make a noticeable difference in the energy-efficiency of your home, an LED retrofit is an even better solution.

LED Retrofits to Save More Money on Lighting Costs

If you choose to use an LED bulb in a standard fixture or install an LED conversion kit on the fixture, you won't get as much efficiency and reliability as replacing the fixtures with LED fixtures. They are specifically made to work with LED lightbulbs.

A Pace electrician can complete an LED retrofit for your home. The process basically involves replacing the light fixtures of your choice with LED light fixtures. How old are your existing light fixtures? Isn't it time for an upgrade, anyway?

Since lighting makes up about 10% of a home's electricity use, a modern household can cut their energy bills by taking advantage of the new lightbulbs and fixtures. Just by regularly using 5 of these modern 60-watt lightbulbs in fixtures which meet the Energy StarĀ® requirements, a Pace household could save around $93 a year.

Imagine what you could save by getting an LED retrofit for all your landscape lighting and indoor lighting!

If you're looking for an electrician for LED Lighting in Pace or the surrounding areas of Northwest Florida, please call DeGraaf Systems, Inc. at 850-995-1646 or complete our online request form.

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