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How Can I Keep My Business Safe from Disasters?

safety alarms pensacola flThere’s a lot out there that you have to protect your business from: bankruptcy, dishonest employees, burglars...and with natural disasters, you have ANOTHER thing to protect your business from, and it’s something that can harm or even KILL you!

Well, it’s more like some THINGS: fire, smoke, and gas. These problems can surprise you for just about any reason at all out of nowhere. And they’re deadly, and they move fast -- fast enough that, should they come upon you with little warning, you might not be able to escape unscathed.

To keep your business, your employees, your customers, and yourself safe, you need to get top-quality fire, smoke, and gas alarm systems. These systems will warn you of impending danger well before it has time to get the jump on you.

There’s a lot out there that you have to protect your business from, and with an alarm system, you can always keep yourself protected from the worst that can strike your business.

Fire Alarms

A fire can strike for many reasons: bad wiring, a careless smoker, an overworked machine. And if you run a kitchen, all the ovens and grills are a constant fire hazard.

Once a fire strikes, you better have some fast feet. More than that, you better have plenty of warning because a fire -- if you didn’t know -- is HOT. Too hot to run through.

With a fire alarm, you will get a warning the SECOND a fire breaks out. And if you combine the alarm with a sprinkler system, you’ll have an excellent chance of escaping completely unscathed and unburned.

Smoke Alarms

Fire isn’t the only thing that can harm you or worse. It’s partner-in-crime is just as much a threat to your life and safety, and that partner is none other than the smoke fire creates.

Perhaps the most threatening thing about smoke is that it prevents you from breathing. And should you be unable to breathe, you’ll pass out, leaving yourself completely defenseless against the accompanying fire.

Like with a fire, you don’t have to wait till the smoke is on top of you to know that you need to get to safety -- not when you have a smoke alarm system.

Gas Alarms

Making money might be a gas, but you know what isn’t? A gas leak, especially one that happens when you’re just trying to work.

And the worst part about a gas leak: They’re oftentimes undetectable. A fire might hurt you, but a gas leak is just as deadly, even if you don’t see it killing you.

Don’t let a gas leak kill you softly. Just get a gas alarm that’ll rat out gas the second it sneaks its way into your business.

Get an Expert Pensacola Electrician You Can Trust to Install Safety Alarms

Safety should be first and foremost for any business. To ensure that you and those present in your place of business are always safe, find a reliable, experienced and expert Pensacola electrician to get your alarm systems installed.

And if your business operates in or around Pensacola, then that expert is DeGraaf Systems! Don’t wait to make your business safe. MAKE it so with one of our top-quality alarm installations!

Do you need any of the above mentioned safety alarms for your business in Pensacola? Call 850-995-1646 or complete our online request form.

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