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Top 4 Reasons To Install A Whole-House Generator

whole house generator pensacola flIf you have lived on the Gulf Coast for long, you know that power outages can happen around here at any time. While a prolonged power outage may be just a minor inconvenience for some people, it can have more serious or even deadly consequences for others. To protect your Pensacola home from the dangers and inconveniences of losing power, contact the professional electricians at Degraaf Systems about installing a whole-house generator for your protection and peace of mind.


In the greater Pensacola area, we spend about half of every year prepared for tropical storms and hurricanes. In 2004, Northwest Florida was struck by Hurricane Ivan, devastating local infrastructure. A majority of the area lost power, and it took the local power company weeks to fully restore service. Since then, the Florida panhandle has not seen a major hurricane as destructive or powerful as Hurricane Ivan. Weather experts predict that the Gulf Coast could be due for another major hurricane in the next few years. Even aside from tropical weather, Pensacola has seen a series of bad weather events throughout the past several years. From the January 2014 ice storm that knocked out power all over the area to major flooding in Spring 2014 to the February 2016 tornado storms, Northwest Florida has endured many recent extreme weather events. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent the storms from coming, but you can certainly prepare so that even if your neighborhood loses power, your home and family will be protected. After a major storm, you can rest assured that you will still be able to power your home with a whole-house generator installed by the professionals at Degraaf Systems, Inc.


A power outage can be a safety hazard for some of the most vulnerable people in your household. If it is too dark to see, one wrong step can lead to a painful fall. A bad fall can be especially damaging to the elderly members of your family, who may risk breaking a hip. Little children are also at risk for falls and injuries in a dark home. Even if a power outage affects your home during the daytime, the weather here in Pensacola can be brutally hot. Young and old members of the family alike are at risk for overheating during the hottest parts of summer. Without any air-conditioning, that risk becomes even greater. A whole-house generator is powerful enough to power your lights, and to ensure your family stays safe and cool during a power outage. Contact the electricians at DeGraaf Systems, Inc. to find out more about what size generator would best meet the needs of your household.


There are many people with medical conditions that have to have electricity for their routine treatments. Asthmatic people often require breathing treatments to help prevent an attack from happening or to treat one as it happens. People with sleep apnea use electric CPAP machines to keep their airways open while they sleep. Even people with certain types of diabetes have to use electricity to ensure that their insulin is refrigerated. If you or someone in your household has a medical condition that requires uninterrupted access to electricity, install a whole-house generator for peace of mind.


It is incredibly frustrating to spend your hard-earned money on groceries only to have them go bad after a severe thunderstorm. Even on clear days, something can happen that causes a long power outage. After several hours without power, the food in your freezer and refrigerator can start to go bad. What a waste! Avoid throwing out the groceries you just bought by investing in a whole-house generator to protect your cold food through every power outage.

The experienced Pensacola electricians at DeGraaf Systems, Inc. know how important it is that your household is safe, healthy, and fed. To protect your home from outages during even the worst weather events here in Northwest Florida, consider installing a whole-house generator to ensure that you will never be without power. The qualified professionals at DeGraaf Systems, Inc. will use their experience and knowledge to help you pick the best whole-house generator for your needs, so call today!

For more information on installing whole house generators in Pensacola, call 850-995-1646 or complete our online request form.

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