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Life Safety & Fire Alarms in Pensacola

fire alarms pensacola flYour business should be safe from any possible threat. And some of the most common threats that can affect your business are fires, gas leaks, and other large-scale crises. To stay safe from any of these problems, you need quality alarm systems to keep you on top of the danger before it strikes.

If you’re in the market for life safety and fire alarms that will keep you safe when trouble comes around, then you need to contact the Pensacola commercial security systems and alarm experts at DeGraaf Systems today. With our many years of experience, we can get only the best quality of installation and service when it comes to your safety systems -- which include the following:

Fire Alarms

“Fire”: Just the word alone is enough to break you out in a sweat. The thought of being caught up in a fire (especially one that starts in a crowded office) is frightening enough, but the reality of a fire doesn’t have to be -- not if you have a reliable fire alarm system. A fire alarm system will alert you of the presence of smoke and fire well before they can reach you, providing you with ample time to evacuate the building unscathed.

Smoke Alarm Systems

The heat is not the only dangerous component of a fire. Smoke can also pose a serious threat to your life. Luckily, though, smoke is often the first and most obvious sign of a fire. And to make that sign even more obvious even faster, you need to get a smoke alarm system. This alarm will alert you of the presence of smoke well before it can reach you and cause you to black out before you can get to safety.

Mass Notification Systems

Not all crises begin in your office building. Some begin out in the world: severe weather, traffic problems, hostile people, and that sort of thing. Should bad things happen to the world around your business, then you need to be prepared to act as quickly as you can to avoid getting caught up in them. To stay ahead of any crisis, just get a mass notification system. Like the Amber alert feature on your cell phone, a mass notification will bring danger right to your attention as soon as news of it gets around.

Gas Detection Alarms

Work may not always be a gas, but sometimes, your workplace can produce gas -- a gas LEAK, that is. And a gas leak is one of the most deadly threats to your well-being that there is since most gas leaks are odorless, meaning you might not know they’re affecting you before it’s too late. To catch gas leaks before they catch you, just get a gas detection system installed in your business. Gas may go under your nose’s radar, but it won’t go under a gas detection system’s.

Alarm Monitoring

All the hullabaloo from an alarm system in Pensacola and surrounding areas of Northwest Florida is great for alerting you of danger, but it won’t snuff out the danger, meaning any fires and gas leaks will still be going strong even while your alarm goes bonkers . . . Unless you have an alarm monitoring service, that is. This service will provide you with professionals who will monitor your alarm systems and send help as you need it. Thus, with an alarm monitoring service, you can be sure that you will get away from the danger and that the danger will be contained! To learn more about our alarm monitoring services or the other great commercial security systems our Pensacola electricians install, please give us a call today.

For life safety and fire alarms in Pensacola and surrounding areas of Northwest Florida, please call DeGraaf Systems, Inc. at 850-995-1646 or complete our online request form.

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